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nce upon a time in a faraway place...

Reb Tobesman's tales are gathered from many places throughout the world. He follows the rich tradition of storytelling as he delivers lessons and enjoyment while he entertains in the tradition of the maggidim of old.

Official storyteller of the Baltimore Jewish-American Festival 1985-1995, 2004

Stories go beyond time in space. Storytelling requires no special facilities or technical settings. Storytelling is a perfect feature for any event The artistry of this maggid as a master is not only how he speaks, but in the what he says. He is electrifying not only his delivery, but for the thoughts he shares as he touches the Jewish soul. No matter whether it is a parable, chasidic tale, or a story, much can be gained from this maggid's programs. Reb Tobesman's stones allow him to tailor his programs to a particular theme, holiday, or historical event.

Former storyteller-in-residence


Jewish and Chasidic

Kum't arein alle yiddische kinder fun eintz to a hundred und tzvanzik

(Gather around all Jewish children from 1 to 120 years)

"…Tobesman teaches through stories and tells Jewish stories… He stirs the memory and sparks the heart and soul of everyone." Palm Beach Post

Unlike the intricately reasoned sermons of a congregational rabbi, this maggid utilizes many anecdotes, parables, and stories to raise the spiritual awareness of the listener. Reb Tobesman takes the listeners on a journey to another time and every place the Jewish people have been.

The very backdrop to the maggid's stories is attractive to its listeners allowing one to peek into the beliefs, and lifestyles of a vanishing age of a faraway world and reminding them that the messages are eternal - just as strong today as they were yesterday.



Medieval Tales

Rachmiel Tobesman, Royal keeper of Lists and Legends, Chronicler of Times and Places and Teller of Tales

You who so plod amid serious things that you feel it shame to give yourself up even for a few short moments to mirth and joyousness in the land of Fancy; you who think that life hath nought to do with innocent laughter that can harm no one; these tales are not for you. Close your ears and go your away. For I bring tales of a whole host of knights, priests, nobles, burghers, yeomen, pages, ladies, lasses, land-lords, beggars, pedlers, and what not, all living the merriest of merry lives, and all bound by nothing but a few odd words which draw these jocund fellows here and there, singing as they go


  • as a character in the theme of the event
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Oral History
  • Storyteller-in-Residence
  • Torah/Bible
  • History
  • Holiday
  • Family Education
  • as an element of holiday celebration
  • fundraising affairs
  • as a vehicle for group motivation
  • education


STORYTELLING: A TEACHER'S TOOL. Storytelling is a magical, exciting, learning experience. Come learn how to bring your lessons alive with stories
WHEN THE MAGGID COMES. The old cheder, learning Torah, and the teacher who took the old traditional D'rasha and clothed its thoughts, ideas, and insights in stories met its master in the person called, the "Maggid" Hand-outs are provided
ORAL HISTORY: THE TELLING OF OUR PAST. People have traveled to the ends of the earth and have lived in every region of the world. As each community grew they developed their own customs and traditions. A great interest in genealogy has encouraged many to explore their families' past. Oral history is one of the first roads people travel back in time to learn their past.
STORYTELLING BASICS: TELLING THE TALE. A training on the basic techniques and methods of storytelling.
THE WORLD AND ART OF SPIRITUAL STORYTELLING. "In the beginning…,"it starts, as if the Holy One, blessed be He, was an elder with a long white beard, who sat us upon his knee and began: "once upon a time."
THE HEALING POWER OF STORYTELLING. Stories are medicine. They have such power; they do not require that we do, be, act anything-- we need only listen. . .
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